Monday, January 9, 2012

GPS Battle 2.0

On the way to work this morning, I turned on navigation apps on both smartphones:

- iPhone 4: Waze (also available on Android)
- GalaxyS/Vibrant: Google Navigation

Initially, both said that the drive would be ~1 hour from home to work. However, the two routes were different. Waze wanted me to take 22-405-110 while Google Nav said 22-5-605(?)-105. Before I left the house, I checked traffic on Google Maps and the best route looked like 22-405-605-91-110 instead. BTW, you never want to be on the 5 freeway between 91 and 605 at any time, both directions, especially during rush hour.

Anyway, when I ignored the 5 freeway exit and continued on 22 freeway, Google Navigation started rerouting. However, instead of telling me to continue on 22 west, it wanted me to exit, go back on 22 east, and take 5 north. It did this at each exit (Haster, Brookhurst, Euclid, etc) and the ETA grew longer and longer. Even worse, when I finally got on the 605 freeway, Google Nav told me to then take 91 east. East?! The ETA at the time was 1 hour and 10 minutes, but when I took 91 west instead, it rerouted again (correctly this time) and the ETA dropped to 35 minutes. Weird... it's okay today since I know the way to work but a bit scary if I have to rely on it when I'm lost.

Both these apps are free; Google Nav came with Google Maps on Android and Waze was a free download but has ads (sometimes). Next time I'll bring along an old Garmin nav unit and my mom's new Magellan standalone nav to see if any of them agree.

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