Sunday, January 8, 2012

UCLA Basketball

When I was at UCLA, I think I attended almost every home basketball game. During my freshman year, both Reggie Miller and Pooh Richardson was on the team coached by Walt Hazzard, but they only made it to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. After Reggie Miller graduated, the team did not make the playoffs in the following year and Walt Hazzard was replaced with Jim Harrick. They did better under Harrick, finally winning the Championship in 1994-1995.

Anyway, after graduation, I watched a few games on TV but never attended another game live until last night. Tim gave me a ticket (thanks Tim!) to the UCLA vs. ASU game at Honda Center. I didn't know that Pauley Pavilion was under construction/renovation this season, and UCLA home games are being played at both the Sports Arena (USC now plays at the Galen Center) and Honda Center.

Our seats were in a general admission area in the 400-sections at both ends. It was a bit confusing since the tickets only said section GA1.

UCLA was down by a lot during the beginning but caught up by half-time to take a 3 point lead.

During half-time, they had three students go down and try to make 4 shots within 30 seconds to win prizes. The first guy only made the layup, and second guy made the free throw (underhand style). The third student was a girl and she hit the 3-pointer at the very last second. I did this before at Pauley Pavilion as a student and I bricked the layup. Back then, there was no timer... any missed shot would disqualify you. I did get a six-pack of Coke which I passed around to my friends. That was quickly confiscated since we weren't allowed to have food/drinks. It was quite embarassing.

It must take a lot of effort to transport everyone (team, coaches, cheerleaders, band, students) to LA/Anaheim for each home game. Cheerleaders still look the same as before though their uniforms look skimpier.

The second half was a blowout by UCLA. I think there was a 10 minute stretch that ASU didn't score any points. The final score was 75-58 but could have been higher as UCLA missed a lot of free-throws.

Four "home" games will be held this season at Honda Center. I wonder if Henry is a UCLA basketball fan (his box looked like it was dark last night) and how much he charges UCLA for each game.

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