Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Communism ≠ Chinese Culture

New York Times
President Hu Jintao has said that China must strengthen its cultural production to defend against the West’s assault on the country’s culture and ideology, according to an essay in a Communist Party policy magazine published this week. The publication of Mr. Hu’s words signaled that a new major policy initiative announced last October would continue well into 2012.

The essay, which was signed by Mr. Hu and based on a speech he gave in October, drew a sharp line between the cultures of the West and China and effectively said the two sides were engaged in an escalating war. It was published in Seeking Truth, a magazine that evolved from a publication founded by Mao as a platform for establishing Communist Party principles.

“We must clearly see that international hostile forces are intensifying the strategic plot of westernizing and dividing China, and ideological and cultural fields are the focal areas of their long-term infiltration,” Mr. Hu said, according to a translation by Reuters.

“We should deeply understand the seriousness and complexity of the ideological struggle, always sound the alarms and remain vigilant, and take forceful measures to be on guard and respond,” he added.

Hu Jintao is full of crap. There is nothing "Western" or anti-Chinese with wanting a political voice and to be able to choose your own government. China has a long history and only the last 60 years has it been ruled by the CCP mafia. Culture changes and adapts; socialism and Marxism is also "foreign" to China yet the CCP constantly equates communism with being Chinese.
“The overall strength of Chinese culture and its international influence is not commensurate with China’s international status,” Mr. Hu said in his essay, according to another translation.

“The international culture of the West is strong while we are weak,” he added.

People aren't stupid. The culture/entertainment industry is global and very competitive. Why would I spend money on propaganda BS when there are thousands of other choices? Movies and singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan do quite well internationally. The problem is not Chinese culture but rather with censorship of creativity. Hu Jintao knows this... which makes his comments even more disingenuous and disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Why would I spend money on propaganda BS when there are thousands of other choices?

i think it should read:

Why would i spend time downloading propaganda BS when there are thousands of other choices?

better be careful. you already have a religious troll lurking. you don't want to get the 5-mao tang to swarm over your blog.

totochi said...

Heh, I downloaded Flowers of War, the Rape of Nanjing movie with Christian Bale. Haven't decided whether to watch it or not.

totochi said...

BTW, paid $17.50 to watch MI4 on IMAX in Portland with my sister (ok, she paid). It was pretty cool on the huge screen. Since I'm not flying to Asia anymore, I may need to watch more movies in the theaters.