Thursday, January 12, 2012

Price Discrimination

I saw this on my cousin's FB page so I checked online at Target's website:

White doll = $9.99

African American doll = $5.99

I don't think this is a big deal. The two dolls look identical (other than fabric color) so the manufacturing cost should be the same. There's no reason for Target to discount one over the other unless 1) there is no demand for the 2nd doll or 2) the manufacturer offered the 2nd doll at a lower price... probably reason #1. Although, the FB post was a photo taken at a retail store. Does Target have uniform pricing across all stores and online?

BTW, I checked and didn't see a yellow Asian doll. Also, notice the 1st doll just said White while the 2nd one was specifically labelled African American. Is there no politically correct term for White? Caucasian? European American? What if you're from South Africa (like Charize Theron)... what doll do you buy?

(South) African American


Anonymous said...

did you actually see Aeon Flux?

heard it was lame. still don't mind the picture. don't really need a good reason to post a picture of Charlize

totochi said...

I saw Aeon Flux. It was pretty bad.

hogsman said...

yes, thanks for the pic -- now i'm distracted for the rest of the workday...