Monday, January 30, 2012

Resumes and Cover Letters

Last month I received an email from my manager that was originally addressed to our CEO and included a resume. The resume was quite good for someone two years out of undergrad but I thought the email/cover letter was a bit too much. I'm no HR person but I've read hundreds (maybe over a thousand) of cover letters. Basically he said that he was "dedicated to finding a career in manned spaceflight" and that this was his "dream company". Anyway, my manager talked to him on the phone and I think we offered him a position last week. I just saw an email reply that turned down our offer. Supposedly a friend approached him with some other opportunity recently so he's going to pass on our "budding" finance organization, whatever that means.

The only reason I posted this was his cover letter sounded like he would kill his own mother to work here. Oh well, he's only 24 so there's lots of time to explore options. Maybe his next cover letter won't be filled with so many super-duper words.

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