Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making Stuff Up

As my three readers know, I don't like Obama. I like him even less (if that's possible) after receiving one of my W2's in the mail yesterday. Let's just say I could have bought a house in many parts of the US with the amount of federal taxes that was withheld, and my tax guy thinks I have to pay more on April 15th.

Anyway, no matter how much Obama acts like a wannabe socialist, he's nothing compared with Mao. Actually, no one can compare with Mao when it comes to mass murder... except maybe Stalin. Back on topic, I saw a webpage that pointed me to this at the Academy of Marxism/Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:


Supposedly this is a translation of a speech by Obama where he praises Mao on foreign policy and defense. If you put the text through Google Translate, you get this gibberish:
What is diplomacy? diplomacy is domestic, both of which are not two different things, not the other words, a country nationals to make their own masters of the country, this desire is the root of democracy at the same time, major policies, rise and fall of every man's duty. the strength of people's sense of political responsibility, will determine the appropriate extent, the strength of the country's foreign in this sense, foreign affairs do not that it? there was Mao Zedong's politicians, is History will say good or bad.
  How not been abroad as a statesman, he won a landslide in China's support in the diplomatic field, he makes the presence of China in the world with a sense of very Zhuo. There was a time, Mao Zedong without fear confrontation with the United States and along the way we are. Can be seen, the ruling party in their own country to obtain unequivocal support, national responsibility to the world, in some cases to defend the country, for the country's future, to pay a little at the price, a country with such a force, diplomacy will have a fundamental strength. State power in the people, the people's power is the power of diplomacy, is the most basic principles of diplomacy. This is my deepest thoughts and feelings of Mao Zedong's diplomatic areas.

What is the "Academy of Marxism" and why are they making up sh*t like this? This is so easy to disprove. Are Chinese netizens so lazy or brainwashed that they won't search for the original quote, if it exists? This is terribly inept propaganda... somebody needs to be fired or at least lose their ernai privileges.

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