Sunday, July 10, 2011

Surprise Beijing Trip... not!

Even though I b*tch about the CCP a lot, I decided that I would try to surprise Sindy on her birthday by showing up unannounced in Beijing. I asked to take three days off work, which means going negative on vacation accrual, and found semi-cheap tickets on ANA, transiting in Tokyo (Haneda). I even made a reservation at my usual Beijing hotel.

However, Sindy called me a few hours ago and asked me if I was going to Beijing on July 24th. How did she know?! Then I remembered that I left her cell phone number on the hotel reservation and they had texted her the confirmation. Dang it. Now we'll see if the gift I ordered will arrive before my flight leaves. At least I'll be able to sneak in another China trip before my tourist visa expires on Aug 10th.

So anyway, I'm take a very short trip to Beijing, leaving on July 23rd and returning on July 27th. I figure I could only take three days off and really that's all the time I want to spend in Beijing anyway. It's going to be hot and humid and the air quality will be terrible.

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