Thursday, July 21, 2011

ANA 777-200 Seats

Arg, I'm starting to dread my flight tomorrow already. Each Transpacific flight seems to scare me more and more. I just read about ANA's cheap seats and they seem to be even smaller than the small Cathay Pacific economy seats.

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
Seat pitch (legroom): 32"
Seat width: 17.5"

ANA 777-200ER
Seat pitch (legroom): 31"
Seat width: 16.5"

Dang it... the seats are an inch smaller in each dimension. I thought the 777 planes were about the same size; where did the extra width go? Both airlines run 3x3x3... wider aisles? I also didn't check SeatGuru close enough for the flight back and got a seat in row D which has the entertainment box under the seat for even less legroom. Well, it was that or pay a lot more for a different airline. Sindy better appreciate the effort. :(

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