Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Metro Green Line

Since there is a Green Line station within walking distance from work, I looked into taking the Green Line for part of my trip to work. However, that means I still have to drive to Norwalk Station (27 miles) and park. The trip from Norwalk to Crenshaw (track runs in the middle of 105 freeway) is 13 miles one way, costs $1.50, and takes 20 minutes.

I guess it's not really worth it. Without traffic, the drive takes ~12 minutes. You do save some money on gas: at $4/gallon and 26 mpg, it costs about $2.00 to drive each way. However, unlike hanging out at Crenshaw Station waiting for the train, there's not much risk of getting mugged in my car while driving on the 105 freeway.

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