Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another iPad2

Wow, Apple is fast with their shipping. I ordered an iPad2 on Saturday, it shipped Monday from China, and it was delivered this morning.

I went to UPS to see the shipment trace:

I'm not sure where "EPZ" (Export Processing Zone) is located but it's probably on the east coast (Shenzhen?). It's interesting that Apple ships the iPad2 to Chengdu, where there was an explosion at the Foxconn polishing plant, then back to Hong Kong. From there, it goes to Anchorage, Louisville, Los Angeles, Anaheim, then to my doorstep. Since I'm bringing this to China next week, it's going back to LAX, Tokyo, then Beijing. Dang, it probably has more "miles" then I'll get all year:

EPZ (Shenzhen) to Chengdu: 830 miles
Chengdu to Hong Kong: 833 miles
Hong Kong to Anchorage: 5,092 miles
Anchorage to Louisville: 3,120 miles
Louisville to Los Angeles: 1,827 miles
Los Angeles to Tokyo: 5,507 miles
Tokyo to Beijing: 1,310 miles
Total: ~18,500 miles

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