Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally Home

International travel is tough. I'm sure many others have more difficult trips but for me, it has been a long 24 hours.

MTA Green Line Station - Avation/I-105
The "G" stands for ghetto

Funny... I traveled ~15,000 miles over five short days and the scariest part of the trip is the last bit on the MTA Green Line, both the bus ride from LAX and the actual two stop trip through Hawthorne. I may just call a cab next time.

Sindy's apartment -> Beijing Airport: 45 minutes
Checking in -> 30 minutes
Sitting/waiting in departure area -> 45 minutes
Beijing immigration and security check -> 15 min
Waiting at gate: 30 min
Flight from Beijing -> Haneda: 3+ hours
Transit time at Haneda -> ~4 hours
Flight from Haneda -> LAC: 10+ hours
US immigrations and customs: 45 minutes
Green line bus and trip: 45 minutes
Drive home from work parking lot: 45 minutes

I only got ~an hour of sleep on the plane... did see a bunch of movies though.

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