Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"New" CX Lounge

I went looking for the showers at The Wing lounge and saw a sign that they moved them downstairs. After asking three people, I found the showers and a new extension to the lounge. There is a small room with several lounge chairs, pod chairs, and armchairs, along with a small food section. No noodle bar though.

My flight home from HKG to LAX is not listed on the board yet but I saw this at gate 3. Hopefully the gate assignment holds so I don't have to walk that far from the lounge to my flight. 4 1/2 hours left...

New shower suite. It feels a bit smaller than the old ones. There is a larger ceiling shower-head but you have to stand under it to turn on the water... cold shower until the water warms up. There is a touch panel on the wall to flush the toilet.

View from the downstairs lounge. This is the non-runway side of HKIA so no planes. :(

Lounge interior. There is another room down the hallway that has lots of computers. I didn't see if they were Macs or PCs.

To get on the Internet, there is a new AP called "CX - The Wing" which has a very good signal. There is one problem though... I tried to refresh my Mousehunt page on Facebook and got this message:
Juniper Web Filtering has been set to block this site.

Dang. The rest of Facebook works fine though. I wonder why only the Mousehunt app has been blocked by Cathay Pacific.


Good grief, there's a Chinese family in the lounge with a small child who is screaming and playing Angry Birds on an iPad full blast. It looks like they also have a Filipino nanny with them. I hate to say this but I hope they're not on my flight. :(

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