Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Troll

So only 4 month after the last troll, I get this comment on the same NewSong NOC post:
serving at church is not the same as at work. if you want consideration then church ministry is not your thing, better so something else useful. if you crave rewards and considersations then you completely miss the whole point, no wonder you were bitter

The Internet is a wonderful place. I post some random thoughts about my life and any idiot can come and judge and insult me. I'm guessing this is a different troll since he/she is less abusive than the previous person. Still, words like "crave rewards and considerations" and "you were bitter" hurt. Ever since I became a Christian 20+ years ago, I've always served in church, often in the background and unnoticed. If I was looking for earthly rewards, I would have been disappointed a long time ago.


hogsman said...

now that's what you call "sanctimonious" -- makes you wonder how they found your blog in the first place. it's probably just your employer trying to get you to work more overtime.

yukuan said...

bleh, ignore the trolls man. they're idiots, and the internet is full of them.

I know how much dedication you've put into Church over all these years; all of us who've ever benefitted know and will always be grateful.

yukuan said...

btw, you should disable anonymous comments, which tends to cut down the troll count.