Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chinese Charities

Why do we still give money to China? I thought we owed them $trillions? Can't the frigging CCP take care of its own citizens?!

New York Times
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has frozen payments on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of disease-fighting grants to China, one of the charity’s biggest recipients, in a dispute over China’s management of the grants and its hostility toward involving grass-roots organizations in public health issues.

China Reports AIDS Mortality Is Cut by Two-Thirds (May 19, 2011)
The dispute may add to a growing debate among global health experts whether China, which spent an estimated $46 billion staging the 2008 Olympic games and last year’s Shanghai Expo and financed a $586 billion economic stimulus package, should be a recipient of such aid at all.

The communist government must be sitting in Beijing laughing at us stupid Americans. We borrow money from them to buy cheaply made crap (I just bought an iPad2 so I'm guilty too) and donate money back to them. I'm not sure why Western governments don't understand that there is no independent NGO's in China; they all part of the CCP. I'm pretty certain my donation to the Chinese Red Cross in 2008 for the Sichuan earthquake is funding some government official's alcohol tab or supporting his mistress.

Global Times
Unlike foreign charity groups, the Red Cross Society of China is an official body, with its leaders appointed by the government. "Official or semi-official charities are more trusted," Tian said.

In 2009, Shanghai Red Cross commissioned the Horizon Research Consultancy Group to carry out a survey on the credibility of local charities. Of the 1,000 families surveyed, 800 said they trusted Shanghai Red Cross.

NGOs usually use 3 to 5 percent of donations to cover operational costs. However, Shanghai Red Cross does not, as it is government-funded.

"Our annual budget from the government is too much to be used up, so why would we use donations?" Tian said.

Riiight... more trusted than what? Non-governmental mafias? Obama, stop giving my tax dollars to the Chinese government.

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Anonymous said...

because the ccp doesn't consider people with HIV/AIDS citizens. why not get someone else to take care of them if they are will. just a lesser form of brutish dictatorship and not as extreme as KJI/North Korea or Qadafi(spelling?)/Libya. about to go across the Great Firewall