Sunday, May 1, 2011

CCTV9 "News"

It's depressing watching the only "English" station available on TV. Since I'm staying at a local hotel, i.e., not an international chain hotel, I don't get any non-China TV stations. Even though I can understand most of the programs, there's really nothing interesting to watch.

Right now CCTV9 is broadcasting a show called "World Insight" with a female host. I'm not sure of the format but she asks loaded questions to guests and argues with them when they say something critical of China or favorable of the US. Right now, they're talking about the shortage of organ donors in China. One of the guests from the UK talked about the huge organ black market in China and the bitchy host immediately deflected the question to talk about how the rest of the world is not perfect. Lame.

I read that China wants to have their voice heard in international news but as long as the news media is under the control of the Propaganda Department, it's going to be treated as a joke.


Likewise, the reporting about Libya is pretty biased too. There was a show that talked only about the NATO bombing of Gaddafi but nothing about him killing civilians and how he praised China for doing the same during 6/4 in Tienanmen Square.

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