Monday, May 2, 2011

Beijing Side Trip, Day 3

As I mentioned below, I'm at Beijing Capital Airport gate E21 waiting for my flight from Beijing to Hong Kong. Since I managed to slip behind the GFW, I may as well finish blogging about my trip.

Day 2 of the trip ended uneventfully. I fell asleep at Sindy's parents' house in the afternoon so we ended up staying for dinner. His dad make porridge and some small salty dishes. I was still tired so we just went back to the hotel room afterward.

Day 3 was the big lunch with the extended family. The exact same people were there from last time except her great uncle. I think even the dishes were the same. Since I met everyone multiple times already, the conversation was a little more casual. Also, Sindy's cousin's wife is 3 months pregnant so a lot of talk was focused on that topic.

Big lunch

After lunch, we went to visit Sindy's grandparents' apartment again. I thought we were going to play mahjong but we just ended up talking. Her cousin had to work in the afternoon even though it's May Day and the other cousin went home early to pack for a vacation trip to Sanya/Hainan the next day.

To kill some time before dinner, we went to a nearby department store. The place was packed with people so I was surprised at the prices. Sindy wanted to buy me a shirt and the first one we picked out was ~RMB1400 or over $200. Good thing it was too small. I'm not sure why it was so expensive since I wasn't too impressed with the material. I guess everything "foreign" or "imported" is expensive in China.

For dinner, we went to a coffee place where Sindy prepaid for a dinner set for 2. It took us forever to find the place (inside Jianwai SOHO) and the food was just so so, though cheap for what we got (juice, salad, soup, beef/chicken steak, pizza, dessert). After dinner, I wanted to try driving so I drove from the restaurant (near Guomao) back to Sindy's parents' apartment near the South Railroad Station. I wasn't too long in distance but it was nerve-wracking; more about this later.

Oops, my flight is about to board so I'll need to continue in Hong Kong.

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