Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ma Boy - Sistar 19

I think I'm in love... :)

Ma Boy - Sistar 19

Sistar 19 is a subgroup of Sistar with only Hyorin and Bora. All 4 of them were here for the Korean Music Festival this year. I missed them and the concert since I was visiting Sindy in Beijing.

Best YouTube comment:
Imma move to korea so i can become a pro gamer in Starcraft and a marry a KPop star :)


Dang it, this is a family blog. The image at 0:29 is a bit disturbing. Did they do that on purpose?!

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Anonymous said...

that monkey's arm was definitely "erect". could you blame it?

i haven't watched your k-pop postings in a while. this gets me back. there seems to be a next-level of hotness with them.