Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sparco Garage Sale

I went with Randy this morning to Sparco's Garage Sale in Irvine. Sparco makes racing accessories and we were looking for seats for our JeepSpeed truck (yeah, we're still building it). Not knowing how many people would be there, we ageed to go stand in line at 7:30am; the sale was from 9am to 3pm. We were about #15 in line and the turnout was pretty good. We met an old guy who does road racing now but used to race off-road. He told us Baja stories for about an hour... definitely cool.

The line outside. This was when we left after about an hour of browsing around inside.

Most of the floorspace was taken up by racing seats. We were looking for their Evo 2 model which are more suitable for off-road racing and a bit wider to fit our large butts. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything we wanted. Sparco also makes racing suits and helmets but we left empty handed. I already have a fireproof racing suit and they didn't have helmets with forced-air ventilation ports.

Since Sparco made racing stuff, there were lots of fancy rides parked outside. This is probably the most exotic. It's an Ariel Atom made by a British company. Stock engine is a 2.0L Honda VTEC with 245hp and it's supposed to do 0-60mph in about 2.7 seconds... that's faster than Steve's Tesla Roadster I rode in last month. I think it can beat motorcycles. However, it's an expensive toy though: base price is $65k (specs).

There were some more cars parked on the lawn. This was a Lexus IS with lots of carbon fiber but not sure what's under the hood.

There were also a couple of WRX's and Evo's. This one looked the most race-ready with lots of buttons behind the "paddle shifter" looking things.

WRX. The front lip/fin was really low to the ground. They were pushing it up the driveway on to the lawn and we heard a loud scraping sound. I do this to my Z sometimes if I'm not careful parking.

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