Monday, September 28, 2009

No divorce during China holiday

BBC News
Marriage officials will work hard to process wedings, but not divorces

Couples in China's biggest provincial municipality will not be allowed to divorce during celebrations of 60 years of communist rule.

But weddings will go ahead in Chongqing during the eight-day holiday beginning on Thursday, according to China Daily.

Officers at marriage registration centres said they could not cope with the high demand for weddings and also issue divorces.

Seven out of 10 districts told the newspaper they would not process them.

"We will be working voluntarily during the holiday to issue marriage certificates but we will not be making any divorce appointments," officer Wang, who is in charge of the Marriage and Adoption Registration Centre in Yuzhong district in central Chongqing city, told the China Daily.

The communist government also said in order to promote a harmonious celebration, family disputes are not allowed during the week-long holiday. Any couples arguing or children misbehaving will be punished with 4 years of hard labor (劳动教养), just like the good old days during the Cultural Revolution.

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hogsman said...

might have to institute that child-misbehaving law in our household...