Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm actually not sure what this is about but it's SNSD and it's cute. It's some kind of advertising for a brand named Miero. The parent company is Hyundai Pharm ... I think it's supposed to be some kind of health/beauty drink. I need to have my Korean ex-coworker check out the website and tell me what's going on. She happens to be in Korea right now... maybe I should email her to bring some back.

There's one for each of the nine girls. Soshified subtitled a couple of them:

Yuri! She reminds me of a co-worker (not the Korean one mentioned above).

Jessica! She doesn't remind me of anyone. :)

What's chamchamcham (참참참)? From the videos it appears to be some kind of game and these are the pre-recorded responses that's shown depending on whether you win/lose the game. I went on the website but couldn't find any games but it's all in Korean so I may have missed it.

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