Monday, September 21, 2009

Google Satellite Images

Google Maps/Earth finally has updated hi-res images of the West High-Tech Zone in Chengdu. I cut a view out of Google Earth and you can see PMI's new building (bottom right). We're surrounded by huge buildings. Up the street, you can see Intel's assembly plant in Chengdu along with a SMIC fab.

Zoomed in view. The new building is the little white one. I'm not sure what they're building on the lot to the west. Last I heard it was some kind of conference center but construction has been halted for over a year. The huge gray building south of us makes cables and wires (I think) and the building to the NE (across the creek) is a Motorola software development office.

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Anonymous said...

Hey are we listed on that map from now on? from the intel packaging picture you can't see the walls/guard towers/barbed wire. someone said to me that it was to keep all the spies out. i told them this is intel. it is to keep the workers in and working.