Monday, September 7, 2009

China Family Trip - Pandas!

Bronze(?) statue at the park entrance

It just rained the night before so it was really humid. There were a lot of bamboo growing in the park and we felt like we were in some kind of rain forest.

A lot of exhibits were closed so we didn't see anything for the first 3o minutes. Finally... a panda.

More pandas. We saw four individuals at the adult giant panda enclosure.

The panda on the left was taking a nap for a long time. The panda in the middle was eating bamboo then climbed up to nap too. The third panda (on the right) was the troublemaker. The three of them ended up playfighting for about 15 minutes. I will upload a video later; not sure if there's enough bandwidth on my free HKIA wireless connection.

I'm the dragon warrior!

A lot of people showed up. We stood next to a couple of white guys... Americans by their English and commentary (on the video).

Round 2. The panda in the middle was trying to continue his/her nap when the other two came back to harass him/her again.

There was also a pond (Swan Lake) in the park. There were a lot of koi fish.

Black swans

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