Monday, September 7, 2009

China Family Trip - More Chengdu Pictures

Some more vacation pictures:

Advertising Burberry fragrance outside Pacific Department Store on Chunxi Road.

My dad's friend's relatives came to meet us for lunch on Sunday. They brought us to a Chengdu cuisine place which means lots of little dishes... kind of like dim sum but you get your own plate/bowl. This dish had some tofu (good), some rabbit meat (ok), and duck tongue (not ok). Do ducks have tongues? Is that why they talk funny?

I think each of us got ~25 dishes. There were eight of us so it was a lot of dishes to wash for somebody in the back.

Street fruit vendors. They all seem to have the same fruits: apple, pear, rambutan, and dragon fruit.

The Haiyatt Garden Hotel (no, not Hyatt) is located above a Japanese department store chain (Isetan) in the pedestrian shopping area. In the afternoon, it gets harder and harder to hail a taxi. Whenever one would show up, lots of people would run up to fight it. Being a capitalist country, these guys on scooters would come and offer rides to people waiting, usually at a higher price than the taxi fare. Here, the guy on the black scooter is trying to fit a cello between his legs while the other scooter has a passenger with a violin... train wreck waiting to happen. Fortunately, the two girls were able to hail a taxi so this whole operation was aborted.

I was sitting in a coffee house with my dad for about 3 hours so I took a lot of pictures of the scooter "taxi" brigade.

After the (huge, 17 passenger) van picked up my parents, sister, and Rebecca to take them to the airport, my friend and I walked around the Chunxi Road shopping area for awhile. Here she is eating some type of internal organ (heart?) on a stick.

After watching people fight for a taxi the entire afternoon, I found myself in the same predicament. My friend also bought a piece of luggage so we were carrying it while looking for a taxi. The scooters looked really unsafe but we were tired of walking so we ended up on a electric tricycle. Very unsafe.

The guy charged us ¥15 for a ¥5 taxi ride. Oh well. I got a couple of videos out of it though. Very unsafe.

Macau (I think) from the air

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