Sunday, August 16, 2009


K-pop in North Korea? Not quite...

I found this video while clicking around in YouTube. It's a concert by BabyVOX and Shinhwa in Pyongyang, North Korea (not sure when). The most interesting thing about the whole thing is the audience. They're all dressed as if they're at an opera or classical music concert and no one is clapping or even moving very much. I wonder what they're thinking.

On second thought, it doesn't look like the audience is starving so they're probably all part of the ruling elite class so maybe they're used to all this. Still, very different audience reaction than... Hollywood Bowl?

Hey, maybe SNSD and the current group of K-pop idols should do a concert in Pyongyang instead of Los Angeles. North Korea is only a few miles from Seoul but I'll bet most of them have never been across the DMZ.

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