Thursday, August 27, 2009

China Family Trip - LAX

I’m sitting at Gate 103 at LAX, ready for another trip to China. This time, my entire family decided to come along so I’m heading to Beijing first before going to Chengdu. I decided to sit with my parents at the gate instead of going to the lounge. As usual, there are lots of flights going to Asia at this time. I’m on the later Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong which departs at 1:50am. My parents are on the China Airlines flight departing at 1:15am to Taipei. There must be still a lot people going to Asia. I saw a Korean Airlines 747 departing for Seoul at 11:30pm and another one departing at 12:10am, also going to Seoul. Maybe they should buy an Airbus A380 and combine the two flights.

Since I’m sitting at the gate, I don’t have an Internet connection. I’ll probably upload this when I get to Hong Kong. This time, I brought my netbook instead of the Sony Vaio. I also brought the other netbook (Dell Mini 12) along with me. My mom is watching Bolt on it right now. Battery life is not that long; we’re about 1:10 into the movie and there’s only ~40 minutes of juice left. Probably doesn’t like having to spin the hard drive the entire time.

One of the two Korean Airlines 747's going to Seoul. I think this is KE012.

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