Saturday, August 29, 2009

GFW 2.0?

Interesting. I've been able to get through to Blogger and Facebook when I connect through my VPN (as expected) but as soon as I try to upload a picture to my blog, my connection is interrupted. This happened twice already. It also blocks access to all other sites, even those normally available without a VPN. The only way (so far) to recover is to disconnect from the VPN and login again.

Hmm, maybe the blocking algorithm is getting smarter or the CCP is more paranoid due to the upcoming 60th anniversary of the Communist takeover of China.


Update: I tried to upload pictures again before going back to sleep (it's 5am here) and it worked, though just for one picture. Maybe there's a filter on the size of the upload or something. It's a drag posting one picture at a time so I'll probably just do a few and wait until I'm on the other side of the GFW.

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