Thursday, August 27, 2009

China Family Trip - Flight/Hong Kong

Yawn. Only six and a half hours to go until Hong Kong. I think I slept for at least three hours on this flight so far which is pretty good though now my back is a bit sore. This flight is not that full. I’m sitting on the left side of the plane and there is an empty seat next to me. The plane appears to be only about half full. Only two movies so far: Monster vs. Aliens and Star Trek XI. I think I’m going to watch Wolverine next.

My parents’ China Airlines flight boarded on time. It was pretty weird to look out the window and see their 747 parked at the gate.


Three hours and 2500 km left to go. We’re somewhere just south of Japan. I think our flight path takes us over Taiwan again. If my parents’ flight left on time, then they’re about 500 km ahead of me. I have about a two hour layover which is not too bad. Depending on which gate we arrive at, I’m going to try an take a shower at the lounge and upload these posts and some pics.

I haven’t watched any more movies but instead I watched 4 episodes of FLCL, a strange Japanese cartoon series.


There's always a Cathay 747 parked at gate 4061.

I arrived in Hong Kong about an hour ago. The first thing I received when I turned on my phone was a text message from my sister that their PDX to YVR flight was delayed and they will miss their YVR to PEK flight. Fortunately, they were able to get on an Air China flight that arrives about 2 hours late so no biggie. Good thing for airline alliances (Star Alliance in this case). Meanwhile, my flight docked at Gate 65 so I'm at the lounge near gate 63 (The Wing?). I took a quick shower, which was nice, and have about 30 minutes before my HKG to PEK flight leaves. Maybe I'll steal some more cans of beer or something before I go. :)

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