Saturday, August 29, 2009

China Family Trip - Beijing Day 2 (photos)

Hmm, it looks like I can upload photos but only one at a time. Here are some pics from day 2.

Our hotel. It's hidden behind a taller building so you can't really see it from the main street.

Egg pancakes. The stack of white stuff on the right are pork rinds. Definitely not the healthy choice for breakfast.

The Temple of Heaven park was crowded because a lot of people were here practicing ballroom dancing, line dancing, singing Chinese opera, kicking some feather thing (like hacky sack), but not really sightseeing.

Temple of Heaven. I have some pics from my first trip to Beijing but it was with a film camera.

Up close

There was actually more than one "temple" at the site. All the buildings line up in a straight row, kinda like the Forbidden City.

4th Ring Road right next to the Olympic Park

Bird's Nest

Entry turnstile from last year. They put a metal fence around the entire stadium in order to make it a "tourist attraction" and to sell you tickets to get close. They were also ripping up all the turnstiles. I guess that means they've given up on using this place for a regular sports venue.

Lights/PA speakers in the middle of the Olympic Park area

Water Cube

Line 14 was built specifically for the Olympics. The station and trains were empty (nice!) compared to the insanity of the rest of the subway system.

Insects on a stick. The scorpions were still moving; maybe to show that they're fresh?

Candied fruits (or other stuff) on a stick.

Bigger insects on a stick plus starfish! I think they deep fry it when you order. Gross.

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