Friday, November 12, 2010

Wisdom Tooth

I had my upper right wisdom tooth extracted Wednesday morning. The bottom two were removed a lot time ago so now I have one more left. I was supposed to have it extracted a long time ago but I slacked and part of it was rotten. Anyway, it only took 5 minutes to take it out and didn't hurt that much. However, to protect the empty socket, I didn't eat all day Wednesday. Yesterday, I ate some yogurt and bananas... and felt sick all day. At around 5pm, I felt really bad and ended up throwing up. It was weird throwing up on an empty stomach; it was basically all acid that came up.

Now it's Friday and I'm staying home from work. I didn't eat much when I got home from work so I'm starving. I think the empty socket stopped bleeding so I'm slowly eating a couple pieces of toast. Sigh... now I don't even have to travel to China to throw up. :(

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