Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ugh, my TV has been tuned to CCTV-9 the entire morning; CCTV-9 is the English channel from China's state TV network. Right now there's a political talk show call Dialogue and the host is a total ass. The topic was supposed to be about perceptions of China internationally but he keeps harping about how the US is the cause of everything bad in the world. When his guests try to give a more balanced view, he cuts them off and then puts words in their mouths. He even blames the slow economic development in Africa on the global economic crisis "caused" by the US. It's just one loaded question after another to his guests.

Why? Who is the target of all this English CCP propaganda? CCTV (and Xinhua) are not really seen as trustworthy news sources both inside and outside of China. Surely no one in the Western world watches CCTV-9 for news analysis. Is it targeted towards foreigners inside China? Also, I'm bothered by the Chinglish accents of most anchors/reporters. I don't expect everyone in China to speak English well but if you want to run an English language TV station, at least get people who can pronounce words properly.

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Anonymous said...

i hate that guy. he always talks over people and has the most annoying accent in the world. i never heard anything like it except on CCTV. instead of naming the program "Dialogue"; it should be named "Monologue". the guy really likes the sound of his own voice.