Saturday, November 6, 2010

T S Emporium

I went with my parents to Rowland Heights for lunch today. After lunch, we went to a strange Chinese market next to the restaurant to get some groceries and other stuff. The place is called T S Emporium and reminds me of a Pic 'N' Save (now Big Lots). There's a few food items but they have a lot of household stuff, some looks like it came straight from China.

Some pictures, in no particular order:

Monkey Head Mushrooms... pretty much a literal translation of the Chinese characters

Store interior. It doesn't look too bad in the picture but it was pretty ghetto in real life.

Lotus roots. I've never seen "fresh" roots before. Didn't know if the black stuff was dirt or mold.

There was a whole aisle with weird snacks. This is "Dried Fish with Peanut" from Taiwan. The black text on the lower left says it's good with alcohol. I'd have to be pretty drunk to eat that.

Little desktop fan for $24. The sticker warns the user not to stick their finger through the protective grill.

Ooh, Pocky and Hello Panda! I bought some...

Half dozen refrigerated fishies

Various kinds of Korean rice. I think I took the photo because it said "borwn" rice.

A weird green moose thing between two Hello Kitty coffee makers. Hello Kitty drinks coffee?!

Tiny Tatung rice cooker for $48.99. The cover was a bit beat up.

Shark fin! The box was ~115 grams or about 1/4 lbs. and cost $70.

Even more expensive... ginseng root in a very nice box. The one on the right (next to the foot) costs $1,181 for 1.27 oz (32 grams). That's $13,650 per lb...!

My mom spent about $80 on miscellaneous groceries. I just bought some Pocky.

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