Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Empty Seats

Did this happen at the Olympics in Beijing as well?

BBC News
The organisers of the Asian Games in China are facing an embarrassing problem.

The first two days of competition were witnessed by small crowds in half-empty venues, despite announcements from the organisers that events were sold out.

The problem seems to be that many tickets have been given away to corporate sponsors or community groups and then not used.

Fans who want to buy tickets to watch the sports cannot get hold of them.

This is why China is so f*cked up. Everything is about politics and sucking up to the next level of government. It's common sense that there will be empty seats in qualifying rounds of certain events... that's why we get free hockey tickets at work. Instead of letting things happen naturally, political theater demands that all events are "sold out" even if they have to give all the tickets away. All the government officials can then claim success and move up to the next rung of the CCP ladder. Of course, reality has a way of rearing its ugly head.

Sigh... judging from the amount of preparation that went into the Asian Games, it will probably be successful on its own, without all the typical CCP propaganda.

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