Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chinese Censorship

During dinner with Sindy's extended family, I asked her if she knows about the Nobel Peace Prize. She said she did and even knew that Obama won it last year. I asked her if she knew who won this year. She did not, and was surprised when I told her a Chinese guy won the prize. She asked around the room and no one else knew except her cousin's husband. He works for Adobe and they get their Internet through a VPN connection via Japan so it's uncensored.

These were all college educated people living in the capital city of the 2nd largest economy in the world. From my conversations, it seems that they really don't understand multi-party democracy, (relatively) corruption-free capitalism, multiculturalism, and political dissension at all. Sad...

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Anonymous said...

i'm surprised the goons in green didn't burst through the door at that moment and ask you to drink some tea.

they might not know who the nobel peace prize winner is but i'm sure the can name the top 100 problems with the usa.