Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home Network

I just checked the status of my main wireless router and my little home network is getting crowded. I may have too many computers... :)

Netgear WNR834v2 x2
Sony Vaio CR420
Apple Mac mini
Asus Eee 1000HE
Dell Inspiron mini 12
Dell Inspiron 600m
Dell Inspiron E1705
Dell Latitude D820
Apple Airport Express (iTunes)
Sony PS3
HP 1022n Printer
Compaq Presario 1722

To be fair, none of the 4 Dells are really mine; my parents each have one, the D820 is from work, and the mini 12 is for someone else. I really only have three regular computers and the Eee is usually attached to my LCD TV. Still...

1 comment:

hogsman said...

only 3? must be time for a new one...