Thursday, July 2, 2009

Communism, killing millions since 1917

Sigh... x2. I'm going to puke if I see another new story about Michael Jackson, when evil like this is still happening and ignored.

BBC News
North Korean food need 'critical'

North Korea is facing a "critical" food shortage, especially for children, the UN's food agency has said.

The World Food Programme's director for North Korea said the agency was unable to reach millions of North Koreans due to a shortfall in funding.

The director, Torben Due, said the WFP had received no new donations for North Korea since Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test in May.

He also said Pyongyang had barred the WFP from using Korean-speaking staff.

North Korea had given no reason for that decision, he added.

How is this different from what Mao did 50 years ago? 20-30 million people died in the Great Chinese Famine. Any "government" that can't feed its own citizens, yet has money to develop nuclear weapons, is not legitimate. Maybe they will trade the two Asian American journalist hostages for food.

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