Thursday, July 23, 2009

Central Propaganda Department

At least we're pretty certain what they do everyday. This is the latest censorship instructions to China's search engines:
胡海峰 纳米比亚、纳米比亚 行贿调查、杨帆 行贿调查、清华同方 行贿调查、南部非洲 行贿调查 - 以上关键词请各搜索引擎屏蔽为全站无结果

Hu Haifeng Namibia, Namibia bribery investigation, Yang Fan bribery investigation, Nuctech bribery investigation, southern Africa bribery investigation. Please show no search results for all the above keywords.

NucTech, the company headed by Hu Jintao's son (hmm... I wonder how he got that job) until recently, is being investigated by Namibia and the EU for corruption and illegal dumping. If you were in China, you wouldn't know about it since there is nothing on the news and the web is being scrubbed clean with search engine links and news stories removed. If anything is being mention in state media, it will probably be portrayed as "yet another anti-China falsehood perpetrated by the Western media™."

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