Sunday, March 2, 2008

Military Service, China Style

In China, there is a mandatory one-week military training for all college students during their first year of school. My friend was unfortunate enough to be there before Christmas and took some pictures.

Up early in the morning. There were over 3000 students from just one university (UESTC in Chengdu).

All college students means all students, including girls. Somehow they don't look ready for military duty. They had to pay for their own costumes uniforms too. Taiwan is in no danger if they send these kids to "reunify" One China.

Tear gas demonstration. The funny thing was that once they fired the canister round, the wind shifted and blew the tear gas back towards where all the students were seated.

I'm not sure what the whole point of the exercise. There's no way these students are prepared for anything after only 7 days. There was a lot of standing around watching demonstrations and everyone brought their cell phones and cameras. Since university students are still considered an elite group, maybe it's a way for the communist government to enforce some hardship (only one shower allowed the entire week and no meat at meals), like the good old days during the Cultural Revolution.

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