Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ducks vs. Canucks

I went to another Ducks game last night with Leon and Fred. This time, the free tickets I got were far apart so we got bumped a couple of times trying to sit together. The Ducks came out and scored 4 quick goals so it was 4-1 after the first period and that was the final score. I was able to look across the ice at Henry's luxury box but was too far to recognize anyone.

I talked a little bit with a guy sitting next to me. He was on vacation from Vancouver with his family and decided to watch a game. They were the only Canucks fan in our whole section. He asked me if it was normal to have so many empty seats. I said "Sure!" then we left after the 2nd period to beat traffic... :)

View from our seats in section 431, row N. I had some tickets in row A but they were in different 400 sections.

Girls in lowrider pants shoveling snow. I think I can skate well enough to do this job.

We didn't see any fights... this was just a shoving match

5 on 3 Power Play

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