Saturday, March 8, 2008

Car Keys

A couple of cousins and their friends are here in Los Angeles from Toronto. They're going on a cruise to Mexico and decided to come a few days early to go to Disneyland, etc. Cousin Helen and her son is staying with me and I let her borrow my 4Runner.

Early tonight, I get a frantic phone call from her; she lost my car keys. Also on the same keychain was my house key, a key to the bike rack, and the community gate key to my apartment complex. I can make copies of most of the keys and probably get another gate key from the apartment office (not sure how much it will cost though). The only problem is the remote fob... I probably have to go to a Toyota dealer to get a replacement.

Anyway, since she drove to my other cousin's hotel to carpool today, I had to drive up to LAX to give her the spare set of keys. They're leaving for the cruise ship tomorrow so I have to drive them to San Pedro... lots of driving this weekend. :(


Update: Whew, they found my keys in my cousin's friend's luggage... strange. However, they've already boarded the cruise ship so they'll need to take it back to Canada with them at the end of the cruise and give it to my parents to bring back to LA in April. Convoluted. At least I won't have to spend $100+ on a new remote fob. The apartment manager also gave me a new gate key for free!

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