Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uploading Audio Files to Xanga

I started blogging on Xanga five years ago but switched to Blogger because at the time, Blogger let you upload pictures easily. Xanga only lets you link to pictures already uploaded on the web. One thing that's missing from Blogger though is the ability to upload audio files. I just found out that Xanga lets you do a lot more stuff now, including upload audio files that can be embedded elsewhere... woo hoo!

Love Love Love - Epik High (featuring Yoongjin)
[live performance with Younha]

I'll keep blogging here for my 3 readers but will start uploading songs I like to Xanga. If I can access my Xanga page from behind the Great Firewall of China™, which is blocking Blogger, maybe I'll switch back completely.

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