Friday, March 21, 2008

BMW Films - Star

BMW produced a series of short-films in 2001/2002 as Internet ads. Evidently they were really popular but I just found out about them yesterday on The films star Clive Owen as The Driver, kind of like The Transporter, and has other big name actors and directors. The video below is Star; it's directed by Guy Ritchie and stars Madonna (no link: we all know who she is).
The Driver is chosen by a spoiled and shallow celebrity to drive her to a venue. Unbeknownst to her, her manager has actually hired the Driver to teach the celebrity a lesson. Pretending to escape her pursuing bodyguards, the Driver recklessly drives through the city, tossing the hapless celebrity all around the backseat. They arrive at the venue, where she is thrown out of the car and photographed by paparazzi in an embarrassing end on the red carpet.

I wish I would have seen these earlier. Now I feel like going out and buying a BMW M5... almost. :)

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