Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weekend Activities

This past Saturday night we went to a Kings game at the Staples Center to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. His b-day was actually in November but there were a limited number of Family Nights (4 tix, hotdogs, sodas, plus parking) so we chose this game against the Phoenix Coyotes. With so many NHL teams moving around, I didn't realize that the Coyotes were the old Winnipeg Jets.

The game was pretty good although Wayne Gretzky didn't show up as coach of the Coyotes due to some family issues. Kings ended up winning the game 4-1. The funniest part of the game was hearing everyone at the game yelling at the Kings to "shoot the puck" during their many power plays, including two 5-on-3 situations. It seemed no one wanted to take a shot.

Picture of the ice from our seats (the camera in the Treo is pretty lame)


This past Friday night was the Ops Christmas party at the St. Regis in Dana Point. It was a pretty large event since there are about 200+ Ops people in Irvine and they also invited some Finance people. I guess this was an important event; many people left work at noon to get hair/makeup/nails done. I brought my one suit to work and changed before leaving for the party. Overall, the food was mediocre (especially the steak) but the entertainment was pretty good. Actually, the apptizers they served out in the hallway was better than the dinner itself. I carpooled to the party so we ended up leaving at around 11:30pm but I heard that people were drinking and dancing until 1:30am.

One thing that still amazes me is the quantity of alcohol consumed at these events. We had several Finance events this year with open bar and it was no different. I can understand a social drink or two but some people at the Ops party were totally drunk. Do people usually drink this much or is it because the company is paying for these overpriced drinks? Also, drinking and partying with friends is different than seeing your co-workers drunk and out-of-control. Anyhow, we've paid about $64,000 for the party already... not sure what the total tab will be after adding up the bar tab.

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