Saturday, December 24, 2005

Taipei Apartment

This is a picture I took during my last trip to Taiwan of the apartment we used to lived in. I think we move there soon after I was born until we emigrated to Canada in 1977. I don't remember having security bars covering the balcony nor the garage doors downstairs. Actually, the street was pretty empty before, no cars nor scooters. Everything also seemed much bigger before instead of the cramped feeling I get walking down the street.

I also remember there was a park right next to our apartment. Back then, there was a concrete "ring" where kids roller-skated. The roller skates were all metal and clamped on to your shoe, not like the rollerblades today with fancy ABEC 9 bearings. I also remember wiping out quite often on those crappy roller skates, scraping my knee on the rough concrete. Here is what the park looks like today.

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