Friday, December 23, 2005

House Problems

Our house is only 10 years old but now is in need of repairs. We had to shut down the water heater yesterday because it was leaking badly. The bottom of the tank was all rusted and it was making weird noises. My dad checked with Home Depot and they charged $300 for installation and a 50 gallon water heater costs about $350-$420. I guess my mom called around and one of her friends knows a handyman so this Chinese guy is coming to the house to take a look. Hopefully I can get it fixed for around $500.

The furnace is also having problems again. This has been a constant problem since we bought the house. When the fan kicks in, about 50% of the time the furnace won't ignite so cold air blows out the air vents. They charge $75 to come out and take a look; hopefully it's a small problem and won't cost me a fortune.


Arg! Just found out that the furnace will cost $428 and the water heater will cost $650. I guess I need to fix everything if I'm going to sell the house.


Sigh, more problems. The leak has caused mold/mildew to grow on some of the walls inside the garage (at least it's not inside the house). I had a wooden cabinet in the garage sitting against the wall and the bottom is rotted out too. I'm going to have to check my homeowner's insurance since it seems like they have to rip out some drywall to repair the damage.

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