Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sony a55 Firmware Update

While browsing through some old photos in Picasa, I saw one of the EXIF properties listed for each file was Software. For my new Sony camera, the text was SLT-A55V v1.10. I searched online for "a55 firmware" and sure enough, there was an update. I dug up the original USB cable and I'm going to try and apply the firmware update to my camera. I hope it doesn't brick on me.


It's updating... I'm nervous. The last firmware upgrade I did was for a Linksys wireless router and it bricked on me.


Looks like it worked... the camera now says Ver. 2.00.

One of the main update features is the addition of Picture Effects. They combined it with the SCN (scene) mode so it's kinda hard to get to. The last effect on the list is Toy Camera:
Creates the look of a Toy Camera photo with shaded corners and pronounced colors.

Sigh... that's what Instagram is for, not a $1200 DSLR.

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