Saturday, March 17, 2012

Customer Service

I hardly see any other Maximas on the road

I brought my car in for the 15k mile intermediate service (I have 22k miles) at Stadium Nissan in Orange. I'm already a bit unhappy with my 2011 Maxima since Nissan decided to use a very expensive motor oil ($90 oil changes) and I had to replace my battery after only one year. Anyway, they said it would take 2-3 hours so I opted for a shuttle ride home. After waiting for 30 minutes, the van returned from its last run, and 4 of us got in. When the driver did a role call of addresses, one of the passengers was out by 91 and Gypsum Canyon. The dealership is near Honda Center so that's ~25 miles round trip; I always thought there was a limit. Aren't there other Nissan dealers in Yorba Linda? The other two people were in Placentia so I thought I would be the last to get dropped off, kind of like riding a SuperShuttle from LAX.

I was about to pull out my iPhone and blog the fact that I'd be stuck in a Nissan minivan for the next hour when the driver asked me to get in another car (Toyota Highlander!). They brought out a used car and had another customer service guy drive me home. That was pretty cool. Since it was a Saturday, I was okay with riding around North OC but it was a nice gesture. Counting the guy's time and gas money, it probably cost them $12 to drive me home.

Now if I had bought the cheapest Infiniti (G25) instead of my Maxima, I would have paid ~$5000 more for my car and gotten a smaller engine. But at least I could get loaners each time my car was brought in for service. :)

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