Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Rock in Carson


After hearing about the LACMA rock for the past few days, I decided to drive by after work and take a look. It turned out it was difficult to "drive by" since city workers were already moving traffic signals around to accommodate the next leg of the trip last night. A lot of intersection became 4-way stops and traffic was terrible. I ended up taking side streets and parking a block away.

For some reason, I thought it was going to be bigger. I kept hearing on the radio that the trailer was "the length of a football field." The trailer didn't look that big either.

There were quite a few people on either side of the street (Avalon Blvd. in Carson) and almost everyone was taking photos with their cellphones. These were taken with the crappy camera in my Samsung Galaxy. I did take one photo with an iPhone and it wasn't much better.

If the US was a communist country, then we would have a few streets that were 12 lanes wide for national day military parades (like Chang'an Road in Beijing). Then we could have moved the rock without this much fuss. Communism 1, Democracy 0. :)


They mentioned again on the radio today that it will cost $10M to get the rock to LACMA from Riverside. The rock "cost" them $70k and the truck gets 15 gallons to the mile, but most of the cost is the 100+ people involved. $10M for 100 people = $100k... not bad for 10 nights of work.


Hmm, the custom trailer was supposed to cost $5M. That's a crazy amount of money just to move a rock. They could have made a plaster copy and no one probably would have noticed.

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