Monday, February 28, 2011

Red Bull X1

I just made it to level 30 in Gran Turismo 5 which means I can try out the Red Bull X1 race car. The actual car does not exist; it's only available virtually in GT5. It's what a F1 car would be like without restrictions.

The only problem is that the car is so fast that I can't control it. The challenge is to drive it on three tracks within a certain time limit. I watched the "demo lap" on Suzuka Circuit (real track in Japan) and it takes the final chicane at ~100 mph. I don't think I can steer fast enough on my Logitech wheel at that speed. I did manage to get bronze on the Monza course. The time limit was 2:19.00 for two laps; I think I made it in ~2:18.2.

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