Friday, February 18, 2011

Government Scam

I got a letter from the City of Orange today. As if I don't pay enough taxes to the federal government and the state of California, the city wants some of my hard-earned money. Since I help out Leon on some PMI stuff, there are some travel expenses that I don't get reimbursed, and my tax guy files a Schedule C to get a small tax deduction. Well, the City of Orange has determined that I need a "business license" even though I don't really have a business, and receive zero income. I understand if a business uses resources but from the documentation, they decided that any "business" activity, even just consulting for a friend, is a "business" and needs a license and be taxed.

So now, under the threat of more fines and penalties, I have to send in $104 for really no good reason, and "renew" for $23 each year. I post all the time that the communist government in China is like a big mafia; I am disappointed to find that my city government is not much better. Well, at least I can bitch about it online... for now.


BTW, I did this for years while living in Brea and in Costa Mesa. None of those cities asked for money. I already pay the City of Orange ~$8,000/year in property taxes and have to pay for ambulance services. Rent-seeking low-life @$#%!&*!


hogsman said...

thanks for paying for our bike paths!

Anonymous said...

thanks for paying for our pothole repair !