Saturday, February 12, 2011

Android 2.2 on Samsung Vibrant/Galaxy S

It's been about a day and a half since I upgraded my phone's Android OS to version 2.2. So far, it's been working well. I don't notice that many differences which is probably a good thing.

One of the reasons I upgraded was to get Skype running on my phone. However, the Skype app is pretty lame. On the PC, you can stack multiple physical phone numbers on a Skype contact. However, on the Android app, physical phone numbers do not show up unless they're on a standalone contact. I guess I can go back to the PC and break apart each combined contact (e.g., Leon has 3 phone numbers) but since I have Google Voice, there's really no need to use Skype-out calling. Also, you can't send SMS to a phone contact using the Android, which is the main reason I wanted Skype on my phone; Google Voice can't send SMS to international phone numbers.

I'm just happy the upgrade didn't brick my phone. The last time I tried to upgrade firmware on a Linksys 11g router, it bricked on me... that's why I'm all Netgear now.

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